Artist Headshots Tips And Hints

February 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

So we had two artist headshots on Friday and we had a blast. We love our clients, especially those that don't mind occasionally hamming it up for the camera.... the outtakes were super funny.

One was our favorite local tattoo genius, David Hopkins, at Sacred Elements Tattoo & Metaphysical Parlor in Crestline. Of course his photos needed to show off his warmth and passion for what he does and the rest were pure artistic moodiness and drama. Lots of tattoos of course on show and it was great listening to the story behind some of them. Between us we have decided to call the shoot the Cheeky Beast as the end result were photos that really showed off his whole personality.

Next up was Simranpreet Kaur Meairs Dms. An artist of 40 years, mother to many, incredible artists using paints infused with precious stones (I am already the proud owner of 3 of her pieces), midwife for 20 years and last but not least, a lifelong healer currently practicing Reflexology using the finest organic oils she blends herself. With Simran we wanted to bring out that beautiful spirit, the artist, the mother, the healer and the beautiful energy she holds. The photos were amazing as is the lady herself.

Photography tip from Heart Rock Photos:

Sometimes it's the first photo that you take on a photoshoot that just captured the essence of the moment or the person but usually the best are amongst the last and usually when you start thinking outside the box.

Don't just have your subject keep doing the same thing, keep it interesting for them and also shoot from above, from below, profile, get them to laugh, play and have fun by whatever means necessary. If the subject is having fun, they are less likely to be focused on the fact that you are taking their photo.

Sometimes I find the most captivating shots are those when they think I am just testing my settings or when they are chatting to me. Keep your camera up to your face when you are talking, you get all the facial expressions and sometimes that's when the magic happens.




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