Mountain Metaphysics Open For Business

February 22, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The photographers at Heart Rock Photos were invited along to take some candid photos at the soft opening of Mountain Metaphysics in Crestline this saturday. 

The store is being stocked with items from local artists and artisans including hand made soaps, unique paintings, wind chimes, essential oils that can also be custom blended while you wait, beautiful jewelry featuring Turquoise and Amber that helps support the local Wolf sanctuary, hemp jewelry and hand carved lamps. Upstairs is the treatment room offering massage, Reiki and Reflexology.

Also expected at Mountain Metaphysics after the grand opening are regular classes including guided meditations, Angel circles, Reiki attunements and much more.

Stop by the store and check them out and check back for more details about the spectacular Grand Opening which is expected next month. 

Photographer tip for shooting with bounce flash:

Shooting in a tight space but don't want to use on camera flash because of the harsh shadows? Try using a small reflector or something small and white propped up against a wall or chair or have a friend hold it for you. Then point the flash at an angle so that it bounces onto the reflector and in turn back on to your subject. This will result in a more balanced lighting effect and get rid of those nasty shadows.

This type of flash works well in many situations including wedding photography, event photography, store openings like this one and many other situations, even portraits. 



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