SEO Tips Trials And Tribulations

February 24, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It's been fun working on rebranding the site following our move from Miami to Crestline. Having lived in many places including London and Los Angeles, I always enjoy the opportunities that a change of place brings and the beautiful California Mountains has been no exception. I think a change of place does the spirit good now and again.

I also think that learning shouldn't be confined to our school years but yuck! Learning about Search Engine Optimization aka SEO and, and that whole bucket load I must say hasn't been quite as much fun as watching the snow falling yesterday, but I must persevere.

Finally our "About" page is finished (or as finished as it ever will be.... these things always seem to be a work in progress) but my journey into the depths of SEO workings has only just begun.

What have I learned so far? That Google has so many different departments that for a newbie Website Master (the word Master here I am using very loosely) that it really should be changed from Google to Boggle as in Mind Boggling! With the help of the very patient folks at Google and Bing we have gotten somewhere I hope at last, so now it just remains to be seen how many of you good folks can find our photography services when you start to search for us online.

Tips for SEO and the such that I had no clue about before:

Lovely chap at Google recommended my tag line be all capitals for the beginning letter of each word.... like... I Am An SEO Genius Now (wishful thinking). It makes it punchier when folks read it.

It's important to have fresh new content on your site on a regular basis, things you have written yourself, not just copied from somewhere else. Apparently search engines love this stuff and gobble it up for breakfast, lunch and dinner. So with that in mind I thought I would blog about it... hey fresh new content right!

Text is KING! According to Google all my lovely photos don't mean too much to the computerized search engine brain. You've heard of no pain no gain? Well start thinking no text no clients. 

Well folks, that is about all I have for words of wisdom in regard to SEO, at least for now. If and when I learn any other golden rules, I will be only too happy to share.


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