Honest Wedding Vows

March 16, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I came across this on article on the Huffington Post website and thought it was something honest and cool to share with brides and grooms to be. I am not saying these should replace the traditional love and honor vows or any of the beautiful and unique sentiments couples have written for each other over the years, but I do think it's certainly worth considering adding some of these.....even if in private. 

These unusual vows hold a lot of value and even if you are not getting married, it's still great advice for any relationship.

These were two of my favorites:

1. I promise to clarify my expectations.

7. I promise to do the stuff neither of us wants to do, if you really don't want to do it more than I don't.

I loved the first one because let's face it, our partners are not mind readers...... well I am assuming in most cases not. So whatever is going on in your head.... they other person has no idea unless you tell them.  

The second, while good advice, is also kinda cute don't you think? I am lucky in that my husband and I have just naturally fallen into some routines that work for us but some things has to be negotiated. Who takes out the trash? Who is the official spider catcher? Who cooks the dinner? Who does the oil in the car? Who does the laundry? Let's take the spider catcher as an example, I am using this one because I have a fear of our little friends and usually would run out of the house at the first sign of one rather than find a cup and piece of paper for the removal to the outside. However, it turns out my partner is just as afraid of spiders as me! So now what? Well, Even though I realllllly don't want to, I am now the official spider catcher as it seems I am a little less scared than I thought and certainly less than my partner. So while I catch the spiders my partner will always carry a wet umbrella ...... one of my biggest peeves. 

Check out all 10 honest vows here:




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