How To Rock Your Headshot

March 25, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

One of the most common things we hear as photographers are clients "warning" us that they are "camera shy".

Firstly let me tell you this, it's more common for people to be reticent to be in front of the camera rather than eager to be the star of the show. Secondly, most photographers feel exactly the same way so know you are not alone.

So, what do you do when you have no choice but to have your photo taken? Say you need a new headshot for your business card or your boss wants to update the company website or you need some photos for your social media? Well that's the purpose of this blog post... to help you feel more comfortable on the day and also how to look your best.

Most of us when it comes down to it will naturally "warm up" to having our photo taken once you get to know the person behind the lens a little way into the shoot and well, it's just natural for our nerves to calm down after a little while too. What isn't so easy to overcome is that fear of "looking bad" in the photos. So how do you overcome that?

Tips on Rocking Your Headshot:

Number one, choose a professional photographer who will work out your "best side" and your "best angle" and also use the right lens length and lighting that will suit your face. 

Secondly, get a good night sleep the night before and drink lots of water for a couple of days leading up to your headshot.

Thirdly, particularly for females, wear makeup and even consider getting a professional artist in for the job if your budget allows. Even guys can benefit from a little powder here and there to stop the shine.

Fourthly Wear something you are comfortable in and something that is simple. Your headshot is not the time to bring out the Hawaiian print shirt! Choose something that is a block color or a VERY simple muted pattern, something that doesn't look like it is wearing you.... what I mean is, the photo is about you, not what you are wearing so your eyes and your smile need to be the focus of your photo, not your top.

Lastly practice posing. I know, this sounds silly but in the privacy of your bathroom at home with the door securely locked and maybe even a little music, stand in front of the mirror and practice your smile and your posing. Really look at the shape of your face as you turn your head in small increments left and right, up and down and even take some selfies. One thing that works for a lot of folks is being shot at slightly above eye level and if you push your forehead forward a little and drop your chin down and raise your eyes up to the camera. If you are bold enough, have a friend take some photos of you on your phone so you can practice. You will be surprised what a little practice can accomplish. Notice how celebrities hardly ever take a bad photo on the red carpet? That's because they KNOW their face, their best smile, their best angle. It's easy to find out what yours is too with a little time in front of a mirror. A great photographer will help you refine that look when you start the shoot and don't forget.... there's always Photoshop retouching! 


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