Post Wedding Party And First Looks

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So we here at Heart Rock Photos are excited for a job that was just booked for a Post Wedding Garden Party which got us to thinking about a blog post on the topic. Some folks feel like they can't relax on their wedding day or just wished they had another option when they could do photos. If that's what's on your mind, consider these options.....


Frist Look

This can be an amazing opportunity to capture all the emotion of your wedding day while keeping that intimacy of just the two of you... and of course a sneaky photographer or two quietly taking your photo. First look is exactly as it sounds, you select a beautiful location as the setting for the photos and give you two the opportunity to meet, all dressed in your finery, full of emotion for the coming ceremony ahead. This time allows you take it all in without the distraction of guests. It can be perfect for the shy bride or groom who finds it difficult to let loose with emotion in front of lots of people or just because you wanted that moment to be yours alone.


Post Wedding Portrait

Another option is after your wedding, maybe even after your honeymoon, you select a place and time when you can get back in that beautiful dress and smart suit and have a mini do-over just for the camera. We focus on creating beautiful images without the rush or time constraints of your actual wedding day. This is a great opportunity to create really stunning album shots without your family tapping their feet waiting for the party to get started.


Trash The Dress

Another option for those of you not worried about passing down that beautiful wedding gown is to have some fun and as the name hints, trash the dress! This can be you riding your motorbike down a dirt path, jumping in the lake, having a food fight, skydiving... whatever your hearts desire. This is an opportunity to think outside the box, do something crazy while wearing that deliciously clean (until now) wedding dress. 


Of course, all these would also work in unison with your traditional wedding day photographic coverage. So rather than instead of, these options can be as well as.....


Whatever your wedding photography needs, Heart Rock Photos is here to listen and help make your dreams a reality. Thanks for reading!


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