The Picture Perfect Bride

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As wedding season kicks off, many brides are full speed ahead with planning their big day. Juggling all the balls that need juggling to have the perfect venue, the perfect cake, the perfect DJ, the perfect dress, well the perfect everything really right? During all that juggling, it can be easy to forget to spend a little time on yourself during the months and weeks that lead up to your wedding day but if you take that time, it can really help on so many levels.

When it comes to your wedding photography and your wedding album pictures, it is the job of professionals like us at Heart Rock Photos to make sure you and your partner look your absolute best on the day, but are there some things you can do to help you on your way to being a picture perfect bride? There sure is.

Here's some tips to help you be a Picture Perfect Bride in training.....

1. You are what you eat - Not only will what you put in your body help you maintain the energy levels needed to sustain juggling all those wedding balls, it will help your complexion if you start to focus on what you put in your body in the weeks leading up to your wedding. Some people do this too late before the main event and end up with less than perfect skin. Start a balanced and healthy eating regime 3 months or so before your wedding if you can, this allows your body time to expel toxins so your skin is clear for your special day. I know you are asking, what on earth does a wedding photographer know about beauty and skin tips? In a past life I was a therapist working at some of the world's most prestigious hotels and studied massage therapy, so I kinda know the body inside and out.

2. Hydrate - in amongst all this healthy eating, drinking the recommended amount of water daily especially in the week leading up to W Day will make a huge difference in the clarity of your complexion and the fine lines and wrinkles that are more noticeable when we are dehydrated. On your wedding day, sure have a glass or two of champagne to calm those nerves but don't forget to keep up that water intake, not just for your skin's sake but for your whole body. Skipping water on your big day could lead to a headache and fatigue, neither of which you want to spoil "your moment".

3. Know what suits you - this goes for the dress, your make-up, your shoes, your hair style and everything in between. Well meaning friends, family and professionals will all have their opinions about what looks good on you, but you know yourself better than anyone. A comfortable bride is a happy bride and that will show in your photos.

4. Practice posing - if you have a moment read my other post about how to rock your headshot. Again, a comfortable bride is a beautiful bride so knowing how to maximize your assets in photos ahead of the day can really help your wedding photos. Of course us pro photographers will help pose you to bring out your best, but what about all those friends and family members snapping away all day and night? YOU knowing how you look good will help you look amazing in all those photos everyone else is taking that will end up on facebook and twitter and instagram!

5. Beauty Regime - So between eating right, hydrating and practicing your best smile it's easy to get caught up and over-stressed and that can play havoc with your skin. Get a beauty regime going at least 2 months before, cleansing and moisturizing and an exfoliation once a week. I can also highly recommend a 60 day regime of Elemis Bliss Capsules, I worked in a spa once and did this for 30 days, my skin looked amazing at the end of it! 

6.  Me Time - A stressed bride is something common but it doesn't have to be so. By taking a few minutes out of every day, just a few, you can reduce that stress, calm those nerves and actually remind yourself that this is supposed to be FUN! Remember, a happy bride is a beautiful bride! Some things you can do during "me time". Take a solo walk and listen to your favorite music. Take a bubble bath and swtich off that cell phone! Take a yoga class. Meditation is also a great thing to try if you haven't before. Try sitting quietly for 5 or 10 minutes breathing calmly with your eyes closed and visualize your dream wedding in every detail possible. Hold that thought as a total picture in your mind's eye for several minutes. See yourself smiling, your partner happy at the end of your wedding day and feel that emotion that everything was perfect start to finish. At the end of the meditation take a moment to say to yourself that this is exactly how your wedding day will be when it comes and feel that in your heart. 

The last thing to remember is that your wedding day is just that, it's yours! So do what feels right for you, what makes you happy and remember to stop along the way and smell the roses. Your wedding day will go by so fast, if you blink you will miss it. But don't worry, we will be there to capture every special moment!



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