The Shy Photographer

March 04, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

The wedding photography world, in fact the photography world in general, is like any other industry, a few shining stars known for their winning personalities. I am sure their natural warm and outgoing nature wins them many jobs but what about the shy photographer? I came across something really interesting today on twitter and am sharing the link below.

My husband and I work as a team. I am the chatty outgoing type and he is the quiet thinker. We make a good team and between us we have a balance.

So when considering a photographer, is it really important that they seem to be your best friend within the first minute OR that they can get you the beautiful photos you deserve? Well, like Cullen and I, I think you have to find a balance.

We both set out to get beautiful photos on any given day but I have to hand it to my husband, he often walks away with the "shot of the day" because he is shy. He waits in the corner, watching and listening with patience for that perfect moment that occurs so fleetingly most would miss is. And all because he wasn't being the star of the show. Let's face it, particularly on your wedding day, you are the star of the show, not the photographer.

So I feel that the answer is yes, you should absolutely feel comfortable with your photographer and have confidence in them and that should be backed up by the fact that you like their work..... not just their winning personality.

I will leave you with the words of another from The OffBeat Bride:

Shy photographers: dispelling the myth that your wedding photographer should be your BFF 


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